Josef Maria van Duinhoven
January 26, 1920 - June 2, 1976
56 years




I recently changed back to my maiden name, Maria van Duinhoven. This being said I still retain ownership of the contents of this website as well as all poetry I wrote under the name Maria Sutherland. Since many of my poems are on various websites, printed out by other people with my permission, etc. those poems will remain under the name Maria Sutherland but any future poems will be signed with Maria van Duinhoven.


An Ontario MPP has put a bill forward to make Remembrance Day, November 11th, a statutory holiday. As far as I'm concerned this should have been done a long, long, long time ago! Veterans sacrifice so much for their country, more than the rest of us will ever do, and for us to keep us safe and free. It is about time the Ontario government recognize this and show their support and gratitude to these courageous men and women by making it a statutory holiday. Show your support for these amazing men and women by signing this petition telling the Ontario government we support our veterans it's about time you do the same thing!

Ontario - Make Remembrance Day a national statutory Holiday


I promise you dear soldier
to remember what you've done
all the sacrifices you have made
in battles lost and won.

I promise you dear soldier
that you will not have fought in vain
even when the years have come and gone
and only your tombstone does remain

I promise you dear soldier
a poppy I will wear
to show the world I'm proud of you
and that I will always care

I promise you dear soldier
to teach my children well
so that they will always remember
and to their children the stories tell

To you I make this promise
an oath straight from my heart
to never, ever forget you
and that in my life you have a part.

Lest that we forget
the terror that is war
and all that has been given
by those who fought before

written by Maria Sutherland
November 2000


Dear Lord
Please let me have regular dreams like others do
Not these nightmares of memory
Let my dreams be filled with light and joy
Not smoke and terror
Let me hear the laughter of children
Not the screams of men dying
Let the birds fill the air with song
Not the sounds of bombs and bullets
Let the rivers run pure and clear
Not red with blood
Let everyone be healthy and whole
Not missing limbs and faces
Let the earth look as you made it
Not scorched and cratered
Let me wake up smiling
Not searching for the enemy
Let the sweat on my pillow be from summer's heat
Not the sweat of fear and anxiety
but dear Lord most of all
I beg you
Please don't let my children or their children
pray to you as I am doing tonight

Written by Maria Sutherland (Maria van Duinhoven)
September 16, 1999

Did you ever stop and think
about the simple freedoms that we have every day
and how many freedoms a soldier sacrifices
So you can live this way?
You can refuse to work more hours
overtime you donít have to do
you canít be fired or penalized
your rights give that to you.
You get a call at work one day
your babyís being born
everyone calls out congratulations
as you rush out the door.
And a new mother
has two choices she can make
stay at home with the child
or an outside job to take.
Nothing beats a nice warm bed
so quiet and serene
and any nightmares vanish
when the alarm screams.
Someone you love passes away
youíre told immediately
the law then guarantees
at the graveside you can be.
And what about all the little things
all those choices we can make
a shower or a bath
which one do I take?
I could go on for pages
It would be so easy to do
Now I want to talk of the soldierís life
And the freedoms they give up for you.
Youíve already put in your 8 hours
but youíre told thereís still work to do
you canít refuse the overtime
itís not an option for you.
Youíre wife just had your baby
but it will be months before youíre told
possibly years before you see him
and when you do heís a two years old.
Youíre a new my mom
And the doctor says youíre fit
itís time to leave that little one
a choice you do not get.
A nice warm bed is just a dream
or a distant memory
and the nightmares never go away
in war thereís no quiet or serenity
And when a loved one passes
It can make it hard to grieve
when death is all around you
and you know that you canít leave.
Even the simple act of cleanliness
Can be a gift of which you dream
To take a simple bath or shower
And luxuriate in the steam.
So next time you go to condemn a soldier
stop and think about what heís done
all that he chose to sacrifice
so you wonít lose even one.

Written by Maria Sutherland (Maria van Duinhoven)
November 11, 2006

If you would like to read more of my poems visit My Tribute in Poetry.
Or to obtain a wall hanging quality copy of my poem My Daddy Is a Soldier, adapted for the other service branches and in Mommy as well, visit WWW.MILITARYWIVES.COM

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War is a part of our lives whether it is something we learned in history class, have lived through ourselves or have lived with because our father lived during a war and took an active part in it as a soldier.

For me it was and is a very important part of my life. My daddy grew up during the Netherland's occupation by Germany and in 1944, during WWII, became a resistence member with the Dutch Underground, then a recognized Dutch soldier serving under the 9th Army US Provost Marshall after his area was liberated from occupation, and then in 1945 when his government asked for volunteers to go to the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) he went as aa Stoottroeper. Eventhough WWII was officially over then his trip to Indonesia was a result of that war so there is a relation. Although the war was long over when I was born in Canada, where my daddy emigrated in 1948 after Indonesia, the war played a major role in my life as what he experienced during his life in Holland molded the man he was and the way in which he raised me.

War is not about special battles or certain dates, it is about people - the people who lived with it every day whether in an occupied country, or as a soldier in the midst of battle - for it changed that person forever because of what they saw and were forced to do to simply survive. Those survivors live through the war every single day of their lives whether it is in a way hidden to the outside world - such as in their dreams at night, an event that triggers a memory, photographs from that time, watching a movie on television - or blatanly obvious in physical wounds and scars. War scars a person forever.

To truly learn about war and history we need not to memorize dates and battles but to learn about the people who lived through it for it is only then can we see and understand war for what it truly is --- a horrible life changing experience -- and that is what this site is about.

As you follow the links you will learn about what it was like to be part of the war, to experience it as the men who helped me learn about my daddy, and my daddy himself experienced it - as soldiers who lived the war.

Thank you Daddy for what you did. I'm proud of you.

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**** NEW ****

I am going for my second undergraduate degree, Anthropology, after having finished a BA in Psychology and Criminology in May 2014. Part of my Honours Specialization in Anthropology BA includes biological anthropology. In preparation for the class I started making notes from the textbook and came across this article that I knew I had to share as it shows the physical generational impact of that time on pregnant women, their daughters, and those daughters' babies. I am just going to include the portion of the article dealing with the DUTCH HUNGER WINTER 1944-1945. Be aware that the term "natural experiment" simply means that this was something that was done by nature as a survival mechanism. Reference information will be at the end of the information. For some of the biological terms I have put a definition in square brackets with my name as they are not included in the article as it assumes the reader knows what they mean.

"A classic "natural experiment" occurred during the Second World War with the Dutch Hunger Winter of 1944-45. The occupying forces of Nazi Germany placed an embargo on food supplies to the western Netherlands, leaving citizens without adequate nutrition. By February 1945 the average energy intake was less than 600 calories per day, and as many as 18,000 people died from malnutrition or related causes by the time the embargo was listed in May 1945. But the Hunger Winter left a rich scientific legacy, one that documented the disease epidemiology of starvation over several generations. Among the findings of the Dutch Famine Birth Cohort Study [Birth Cohort is a group of people that were all born at the same time - Maria] with women who were pregnant during their first trimester through the Hunger Winter gave birth to children of normal birth weight, whereas the daughters of these women subsequently gave birth to LBW [Low Birth Weight - Maria] babies. Christopher Kuzawa (2005) has labelled this effect intergenerational phenotypic inertia, and its implications are profound. Intergenerational phenotypic inertia is an epigenetic [genetic and nongenetic influences on gene expression - Maria] phenomenon whereby a fetus is able to regulate its own development in utero by predicting the nutritional environment into which it is likely to be born, based on "epigenetic signals" received from its mother and her mother, grandmother, and so on. This matrilineal [mother/maternal - Maria] character of phenotypic inertia occurs because the uterine environment provided by a mother is derived in part from her own experience of her mother's uterine environment. The evolutionary logic is quite simple, in fact. Fast growth and a large size in a fetus leads to greater nutritional demands during gestation and after birth. If a mother was temporarily receiving more than adequate nutrition while pregnant, even though the typical situation was one of chronic food shortages, giving birth to larger babies and children would be potentially disastrous, as there would not be sufficient resources for it after birth! Conversely, a fetus should not limits its growth in utero if the mother is nutritionally deprived in the short term."

Reference -- A Human Voyage Exploring Biological Anthropology 1st edition, 2010, by Anne Keenleyside and Richard Lazenby, Nelson Education, page 78.

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You can leave any messages by emailing me (NEW ADDRESS), Maria van Duinhoven Any suggestions for new links, information about my Dad, the names of any of the people in the photographs, where they were taken or when, or anything else you might wish to tell me would be greatly valued and very much appreciated.


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These pages are meant to be a tribute to veterans and what advertising you see on my site is not by choice. An advertisement-free website has to be paid for and I just don't have the money to do that -- I didn't create this site to make money for myself. If you do have an item or product, such as a book you wrote and are selling about your experiences in the war, or a website that may help soldiers, veterans or their families in some way then you are welcome to add that to your message.

This is a special page for which I am going to ask for everyone's help. You see I've been contacted by different people who have asked me how to go about finding information about a Dutch Veteran, usually their dad, and his time in war, or in one case to help locate an uncle that no one has seen in over 40 years but who was in Indonesia. I've been able to give them different addresses to write - Dutch Ministry of Defense, etc. - and ideas of where to search but nothing can beat finding someone who actually knew the person and/or fought with them and for that to happen you have to be able to reach out to individual people in the hopes that maybe someone somewhere will see your information and say I remember him, or I remember my dad talking about him, or that's when I was in that area and a connection is made.
So to help others I've added a page, just one so far but who's to say it won't be more eventually, with their story telling who they are trying to learn about, why, and any information they have from that time and this is where I need your help, PLEASE take a few seconds and go to the page, read the information and if you can help contact the people. It's important.


*NICKI BEITEL or BEIDEL(new 2012) *

* MACHIEL VERBRUGGE (2004 Amazing Success!)*

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Photos needed of
August 2005

Dear Maria,
I am writing in the hope that you may be able to help me in my search for relatives of three Dutch Air Crew who were killed on 15th Feb 1944, I am compiling a pictorial book of remembrance for all of the airmen (580) buried at Botley Oxford England. Among those buried here are three Dutch boys, H.J.P. Jensen, H.J. Boots, and J.G. Egter van Wissekerke. They were all killed when their 320 Sqdn B25 Mitchell FR194 crashed near Buckingham 15-2-44, I am hoping to obtain photo's of them that could be reproduced in their memory in my book of remembrance, we also hope to place a plaque of remembrance at the crash site in the near future. I must congratulate you on a great web site, and good luck to you in all you do.
Thank you for your offer of help in our research, we are currently working on a new web site which we hope to have up and running soon, as soon as we do I will inform you. Thank you once again for your help.

Warm regards,
David King
The Remembrance Society
60 Springfields
MK18 2AS

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Dutch 320 Squadron RAF and 25th October 1943

* New Information Added March 2005 *

Everard Bakker is looking for information about HANS PENNOK, EDUARD BAKER, JAN MAAS and their time on the Dutch 320 Squadron, October 25th, 1943 for a book. Any help would be greatly appreciated so click on the above link and take a look.

* * * * * * * * * * *
!!!!! 2006 MYSTERY SOLDIER NOW HAS A NAME - Tom Roth of Kearney, NE !!!!!
Linda Wicksten has been able to find the name of the solider in the drawing done by her late father-in-law Layton H. Wickson at an airstrip in India. Please check out the drawing and the letter she just sent me telling the story of how this man came to have a name. Thanks.
Mystery Soldier

* * * * * * * *
Looking for Information on the
DUTCH SPITFIRE FUND 1940 Dutch East Indies
Hi, Maria
I am a dutch student at the University of Amsterdam. I study history. For this i am looking for information regarding the 'Dutch Spitfire Fund' wich was started in 1940 in the dutch east indies to buy spitfire fighters for the English or Dutch pilots operating from England, after the occupation of The Netherlands.
I was hoping, allthough this is a long shot, that perhaps one of the family-members of immigrated people,or one of them selves, might visit your site and might even be able to give some information about the people involved in this.
Yours sincerely,
Lourens Dinger
* * * * * * * * * * *
On this page we know who the soldier is, but it is the children that are unknown. Marta Sawicka and her husband Gilles Lapers are trying to learn more about her grandfather Zigmunt Sawicki. Zigmunt Sawicki was a Polish soldier during WWII who helped liberate Holland and in the family photo album there is a photograph of him with three Dutch children who were liberated. They would very much like to know the names of the children, and any information about her grandfather. Please take a look. Thanks.
Who Are These Children?

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Photographs of the Veterans Who Are Helping Me

Lest We Forget - My Tribute in Poetry

Limburgs Dagblad Articles

Awards Given to Lest We Forget

Windsor's Walkway Tribute to Veterans

My Thoughts About September 11th, 2001
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My Introduction to Photos and Information

Index of My Photographs This has links to all the different pages with photographs on them Several of the pages have a great deal of information related to the photos, so make sure to take a look at the page before moving on.

In Memoriam Names and where possible photos of 1st Battalion 1st Regiment Stoottroepers who were Killed In Action.
I am missing photographs for L.H. Kostjens 10-06-47, J. Cruijen 15-02-47 and M.L.M. Timmermans 05-12-46 so if anyone has a photograph from that time they would like me to put on my site please let me know.

Photos from de Stoot 1st Battalion Stoottroepen, Indonesia

Daddy's Military Documents

Personal Dossier Josef van Duinhoven

The Dutch Underground and the Stoottroepers Their story

Memories from Ted and Jan vanden Driesschen

(In Dutch)

Tiger Brigade Tussen Sawahs en Bergen "Het Leven van de soldaat in de Tijger Brigade" English translation -Between Rice Fields and Mountains "the life of the soldiers in the Tiger Brigade" (work in progress); Signal Unit Headquarters

Book List - Dutch East Indies Police Action 1945 on

Netherland's Air Force Base Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.A. 1942

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Stories from other WWII-Indonesia Dutch Veterans

Ted van den Driesschen's Story

Jaap (Jake) Drupsteen - Dutch East Indies 1946-1949

Marinus (Mac) Traas - Dutch East Indies 1946-1948

Peter van Roomen - Dutch East Indies 1947-1950

Peter Nicolas Bovendeaard - volunteer, Java 1945-1948 in Dutch

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The Regiment Stoottroepen Website (English Version)

The Stoottroepers Homepage in English or in Dutch

Indonesia 1945-1948 - The Diary
The Diary: Limburgian Memories - Liberation

2002 New Band on Flag Regiment Stoottroepen Prins Bernhard

Strijdend Nederland in Dutch

The chapel and Place of Honour in Dutch

That I Shall Never Forget

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Other WWII Links, Tribute Pages, Veteran's Pages, Webrings

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