Gilles LAPERS and Marta SAWICKA, of Belgium, are trying to find out more information about her gandfather ZIGMUNT SAWICKI born in Ciechanowiec on 16 Feb.1907.

According to the GENERAL MACZEK MUSEUM the picture in the family photo album was taken in 1945-1946 somewhere in Holland. As a Polish soldier he helped liberate Holland including these three children. The photograph was on the coverpage of “THE VOICE OF POLAND” Volume 5 Number 3 (359) 10th, February 1946.

Zigmunt Sawicki was in the traffic control squadron 1 arm.Div. 1 polish Corps from The 01/07/1940 to 23/09/45.
At 24/09/45 he was at the Armoured Division Squadron Field park 1 Arm. Div. 1 Polish Corps.

Gilles and Marta would very much like to learn the names of the children so any information about Zigmunt Sawicki or the three children would be very much appreciated.

Please email Gilles Lapers and Marta Sawicka if you can help.

******SERVICE RECORD********

Listed below is the service record for Staff Sergeant Zygmunt Sawicki. I'm including this in hopes someone will see read it and think I was there at that time, or I know someone who was there.

After the September 1939 campaign in Poland, he made his way to France where he enlisted with the Police Forces under French command from 01.03.1940

On capitulation in France, June 1940, he was evacuated to the United Kingdom arriving on June 25, 1940 and came under British command from July 1, 1940 and posted to the Traffic Control Platoon, 10 Armoured Cavalry Brigade.

19.01.1942 10 Supply company, 1 Armoured Division, 1 Polish Corps
10.04.1942 Seconded to 1 Armoured Division Headquarters
15.07.1942 Transferred to Headquarters, 1 Armoured Division, 1 Polish Corps
15.11.1942 Traffic Control Squadron, 1 Armoured Division, 1 Polish Corps
24.09.1945 Armoured Division Ordnance Field Park, 1 Armoured Division, 1 Polish Corps

Served in the United Kingdom 1940-1944 and on the Continent 1944-46.

Theatre of Operations: France, Belgium, Holland and Germany 01.08.1944-08.05.1945

01.08.44-06.09.44 Action at Caen, Falaise, Abbeville FRANCE
06.09.44-16.09.44 Ypres, Roulers, Theilt, Ghent, St. Nicholas, Stekene BELGIUM
16-09-44-22.09.44 Koewacht, Axel-Hulst HOLLAND
28.09.44-02.10.44 Merxplas, Baarle-Heide BELGIUM
03.10.44-08.04.45 Baarle-Nassau, Glize, Breda, Moerdijk HOLLAND
09.11.44-08.04.45 action on the river Maas HOLLAND
14.04.45-08.05.45 Kusten Canal, Aschendorf, Papenburg, Ihrhove, Leer GERMANY

09-05.45-13.09.46 Allied Occupation Forces of Germany Serviced with Police Forces Under British Command: July 1, 1940 until honourable discharged on September 13, 1946.