Awards I've Received

I am honoured by all the awards my homepage has received but the true award winners are the veterans who made this website possible. To All Veterans Past, Present and Future -Thank you. Many of these awards are also a link to the homepage from which they were received so please just put your mouse over the award and if there is a link visit the site - they are all worth spending a few minutes of your time visiting.

Awarded February 13, 2004

Awarded June 26, 2003

Semarang Diamond Award

The American Legion - Post 694,
Americanism Award

Millennium Bronze award

USAF 12th Tactical Fighter Wing Recognition of Excellence

of POD

awarded August 20, 2003 Distinguished Site Amry

29th Field Artillery Regiment for Veteran Appreciation
29th Field Artillery Regiment for True Patriotism

Australia Memorial Pages Award of Excellence March 2001

September 16th, 2002

World Superb Design Platinum award February 11, 2001

Military World Certified Award

Dave's Homeport

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