My Dad

My Dad - the soldier

Kor. Josef M. van Duinhoven
Stoottroepen NBS
1e and 111e batalions

Josef Maria van Duinhoven born January 26th, 1920 at Hoensbroek was enlisted during the 2nd World War to the Interior Military Forces of the Netherlands Underground Army (resistance movement), Limburg Command, Section Heerlen, 2nd Company from October 16th, 1944 until January 1st, 1945 as a member.

He served as a volunteer with the Royal Netherlands Army - Special Task Troops - lastly in the rank of corporal, from January 1st, 1945 until March 18th, 1948.

During this period he remained in England from September 21st, 1945 until October 13th, 1945, at Malaya from November 13th, 1945 until March 10th, 1946 and in the Netherlands Indies from March 13th, 1946 until January 25th, 1948.

He actually served in the theatre of war from October 16th, 1944 unti May 5th, 1945. He served under Allied Command from October 16th, 1944 until November 13th, 1945 and under South-East Asiatic Allied Command from November 13th, 1945 until November 30th, 1946.

He received a Medal for this service overseas.

I have learned from the veterans that are still alive and knew my dad that he was a man I and his grandson, Josef, can be proud of. His commander from Indonesia, Hein Verbrugge wrote me and said "Your dad always applied himself for the full 100%, whom you could place in any situation and was very conscientious. The hardships in Malaya and Indonesia are beyond description, it never broke our will and spirit. Also you can be very proud of your dad he was always enthusiastic.", and from a comrade at arms, Mr. Winken "He was a Fine fellow. He had a good character. For me he was a soldier-friend."


As you can see war takes it toll. Hard to believe it's the same man.

Saluting Prince Bernhard

These were taken in the Netherlands. Men going off to war.

This is a picture of all the young men living in the village of Hoensbroek after their return from Indonesia. An organization called Thuisfront Hoensbroek sponsored a dance for the men called VAN DER WAL.
My dad, Josef, is front row, seated, far right. I now have names for the other men (thank you Mr. Schepers and the people of Hoensbroek) they are Mr:

front row seated left to right - J. Bos, W. Curvers, Mager, L. Cox, L. Both, Speetjens and my dad Jopie (Josef) van Duinhoven.
second row looking between shoulder of seated men, left to right - Mortel, J. Palm, C. Swierts, (Luneborg or P.Whittehort can't be sure which)
third row man standing at left to man standing at far behind my father - Habets, W. Diederen, G. v.d. Veen, Serg v.Dijk, Wijnen, Gorissen, Vermegen, Caris, Krechten
very back row - Hans Popma, F. Durinck, Hollander, J. Vasen, Kinds, Timmermans, DeBoer (MP)

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