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The Faces of War


The Families
The man in the front row, center is my dad but I have no idea who the family is that he is with.

My dad helped keep this woman alive by smuggling her food. I was told she was a POW in a concentration camp.

My daddy is the short little soldier with the lady's arm over his shoulder. I believe this is the same woman as in the photo above and that the other civilians may be her family. I don't know who the other young soldier is, but he must have played an important part in the lives of these people.

Thanks to Mr. Hans Toonen's article in the Limburgs Dagsblad a Mr. Hollander told the paper that the soldier on the left is Gerrit van Veen (now deceased) and that one of the women on the right is actually my Tante Mein (Aunt Willemien) van Duinhoven, my dad's brother Emile's wife. It was originally thought the photograph was taken in the town of Nijmegen but the Burgemeester Karel Majoor of Meersen believes the photo was taken there.

Josi and Mother
This was the only photograph I found that daddy had written names on so I know it was important to him and it must have been the baby that stole his heart because that is the one whose name he wrote down, the woman is just "mother".

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