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Lest We Forget - A Tribute to My Daddy and All Veterans
This is a piece of history from a Dutch soldier, my daddy, taken in Holland, Germany and after WWII in Indonesia.

and if you have time
In Memory of My Daddy
A little bit about the man I love and miss so much.

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Enjoy those televison police/crime scene investigation shows when you can spot the bloopers! This site explains forensics and crime scene investigation so everyone can understand and impress friends and family by being able to say -- hey that's not right!

Siegfried and Roy - Cats of the Secret Gardens

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lady and white dragon
Arist unknown
Poem written by
Maria as a cheer for
Darksbane Dragons
Sat Jul 25 1998
My Dragon
Dragons soar within our dreams
and in our hearts too
some say they are but myth
but I know that isn't true
dragons are as real
as real as you and me
because they live wherever I am
open your eyes and see
my dragons aren't large and fierce
or small and barely seen
they soar on wings made up
of all my deepest dreams
their fiery breath protects me
from all my fears and demons
they lift me up upon their backs
and take me through magic kingdoms
where all is good as it should be
and happiness is total
where love and kindess are the rule
and everything is beautiful.
So yes my friends they are real
as real as you and me
and without the dragon
what a sad world this would be.
Just close your eyes and open your heart
and a dragon will hear you call
and take you to that magical place
that lives within us all.

orange dragon dragon in ball

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