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Sleepytime, my Yuletide baby and his best buddy Twinkletoes wishes you a
from believer's home of
Dragons and Romance

In this joyous season I invite you into my home for some warmth and cheer. Please feel free to roam and enjoy the different rooms I have made for your enjoyment, you're sure to find something to your taste whether you're 3 or 103.

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Although this is a season of joy it is also a time for remembering those we love who aren't with us anymore and in this I ask that you take a second to visit two rooms that are very special to me.

In light of what happened on September 11th and the horrific deaths of so many people, and now many members of the armed forces being sent overseas combating terrorism Christmas will be a very hard season for those who lost love ones in the attack and those with loved ones overseas. I ask everyone, regardless of religious beliefs, to take the time to say a prayer for those people left behind, to give them strength and comfort at this time of families gathering together.

My Christmas Wish

There's always one spot empty
that never can be filled
it's been such a long time
but it hurts still
to know that you can't be here
on this special day
when families get together
to laugh, love and play
sometimes amid the laughter
a single tear will fall
wishing you could be here
to share it with us all.
So many things have happened
in the years since you've been gone
the children have all grown up
and now have children of their own
If I could have just one Christmas Wish
that God would make come true
it would be to have you here
and to spend this Christmas with you.
I would love to see your face
when your grandchild comes near
and hear the stories that you'd tell him
of all the past years
I'd love to hear you say once more
Have I told you I love you yet today
and feel you enfold me in your arms
and chase my fears away.
If miracles can happen
and wishes can come true
I pray this one gets answered
so I can be with you
for just this one Christmas
let that empty spot be filled
so you can be here with us
and the hurt I feel be stilled.

written by Maria Sutherland Dec. 11th, 1998

In Memory of My Daddy

This page was done in memory of my daddy who passed away in 1976 when I was 16 years old. It tells the story of a my dad, who was born in Hoensbroek Netherlands in 1920 and came to Canada in 1948.

Lest We Forget - a Tribute to my Daddy and All Veterans
It is important to remember the veterans not just on Remembrance/Veterans Day but all year round, especially at Christmas, which is a time meant for families. This site started with photographs, a medal, some documents and very little information from my dad's time in WWII in the Dutch Underground and attached as a Dutch soldier tothe 9th US Army and in Indonesia from 1945-48. Today because of many wonderful veterans I know about my dad and what he lived through in those terrible times.


All you have to do is put your mouse over the arrow at the QuickNav below and choose a room. Enjoy!

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